Why Choose Sawmill

At Sawmill it is our goal to keep your event affordable and enjoyable.  We will work with you to make your event successful.

Price:  Your goal becomes our priority.  We keep our prices low so that you or your nonprofit can benefit.

 Planning: We will provide you with a date sheet to guide you as you begin the planning stages so that nothing is overlooked or left to the last minute.

Participants:  Our golfers are always looking for an event to support.  The more participants, the more successful the event!

Promotion: There are several ways that we will promote your event for you.  In addition to social media, we will promote your event to our golfers and send invitations to our frequent players with email blasts. 


Playability: This is important to keep the players happy.  The course needs to be simultaneously enjoyable for the average golfers and yet challenging for competitive golfers.  With the USGA push for people to shorten their tees in order to keep the game moving, Sawmill accommodates while answering with challenging short shots and greens.

At Sawmill, we believe that with proper planning and promotion, your event will be successful financially and socially, making it an anticipated event in the future.